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Our Story

Our story began long before our brand ever did. I say that because so much of who we are comes from what I saw and what attracted me for as long as I can remember. Growing up, the people around me didn't have money, they had style. The women that I aspired to be like would walk into a room and own it without even trying...well maybe they tried a little but it looked effortless. There is an aura, an attitude, a confidence that comes with style that is unmatched. The fascination of it all never left me and resulted in me graduating college with a degree in fashion design. I'm sure it was there that it really clicked that what had always stimulated me had nothing to do with what fashions one could afford, but it was the personality and the creativity attached to it that set them apart. It was fashion from the inside out. In 2016, The GoldBar was created in a pursuit to be a resource to those who could take what they had and turn it into Gold. We set out to provide affordability and what we consider a key player in evolving fashion into style...Accessories! Our goal  I thank God each day for the journey and I thank you for joining me on it!